Palm oil is extracted from a palm tree called "Elaeis Guineensis", and comes mainly from South East Asia. It is packaged in 25 kg cartons and is widely used in the biscuit industry. Its plasticity and texture strongly contribute to obtaining a product with the best organoleptic characteristics.

Packaging formats

25 kg box

Shortenings - palm box 25kg

Packing - export

Informations emballage / Packaging informations

Format / Packaging Carton 25kg
unité/ cartonUnits/ Box 1
Pièce /conteneur Dry 20’ Piece / 20’ Dry Container 780/Box

Coconut / coprah

Température de fusion °C Acidité Max en %FFA
34-36 0,1
38-40 0,1
38-40 0,1
44-346 0,1

Storage conditions

In order to keep the product intact, it is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place.


Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), antioxidant.