To complete its range of sauces, Jadida has launched the popular and admired sauce by kids : "Ketchup". With fine tomatoes and having a slightly sweet touch, Ketchup is perfect to accompany sandwiches and fries.

Packaging formats

270 ml

Ketchup - packaging formats 270ml

450 ml

Ketchup - packaging formats 450 ml

Packing - export

Format /packaging 270 ml 450 ml
unité/ cartonUnits/ Box 24 12
Carton/ conteneur 40’ Box / 40’ container 4214 4560
Pièce /conteneur Dry 20’ Piece / 20’ Dry Container 2064 2652


  • Before opening: Store preferably in a cool place, protected from light.
  • After opening: Refrigerate and consume within a month.
  • Do not freeze.


Water, double tomato paste (24%), sugar, vinegar, thickener, anti-caking salt, coloring, antioxidant, preservative