Bulk margarine

Packaged in 10 kg boxes, bulk margarine is mainly recommended for the preparation of shells. Known by its creaminess and good flavor, Jadida bulk is used for domestic culinary preparations to make all types of pastries: puff pastry, cake, biscuit ...

Packaging formats

bulk in cardboard

Bakery margarine -bulk margarine in cardboard

Packing - export

PRIMARY PACKAGING Polyethylene bag
SECONDARY PACKAGING Double corrugated cardboard box 10 Kg

Storage conditions

it is best stored in a dry place at a temperature between 12 ° C and 15 ° C.


Fluid and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils(soybean / sunflower, palm, copra / palm kernel), water, vegetable emulsifiers, whey powder, salt, preservatives, butter flavor, antioxidant, colouring agent.